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Kirk Brae Cricket Club - Information


Welcome to Kirk Brae Cricket Club. The Badgers have been around since 1980 and have a reputation for being a sociable, honest and competitive club. These pages explain all you need to know about Kirk Brae.

Kirk Brae has two league teams, playing in Divisions 2 and 6 of the East of Scotland Cricket Association ( Home games and midweek training are held at Double Hedges in Liberton, entrance by Liberton Rugby Club, opposite the fire station.

Club honours, scorecards, career stats, fixtures and news can all be found elsewhere on the website.

Where's the Cricket?

* Winter nets - Saturdays at Edinburgh Academy (Arboretum Road) in March - April
* Training nights - one weekday night (day to be confirmed) from May - August
* League games - Saturday (end of April to end of August), starting 13:00
* Midweek friendly and cup games - usually Thursday evenings, approximately once a month

Club Communications

For club communications we use email, WhatsApp and this website.

The gmail account is for general information and to send out team selections. We use the Availability section of this website to find out who is available to play / train - you'll get emails / texts from Kirk Brae asking if you are available for a particular game (there are no hidden costs for texts). We'll also let you know about last minute cancelations so please register your mobile number too (you won't get any unwanted adverts or cold calls!).

We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account...

Do You Need Kit?

You don't need much. We have club kit bags and bats, pads etc. which will be available at training sessions / games (we even have our own bowling machine). The only essential item you will need is a box (i.e. cup / abdominal guard).

All cricket clothing and equipment can be purchased through our Serious Cricket store:

2021 Membership and Match Fees

Membership and match fees cover the vital costs of a cricket club. League fees, cost of balls and pitch hire being just some of the costs a cricket club has to consider and cater for every season. Kirk Brae has always looked to provide good value to its members by keeping the cost of playing cricket low and by maintaining a simple payment structure. Note: Student discounts only apply to those in full-time eductation. A current and valid student ID card must be presented to the Club Treasurer for verification. U16 is based on the age the player at midnight on 30 April of the current season.

For 2021, the club membership and match fee structure will be as follows:

One-off cost:

A single payment of £100 (£75 student / unemployed / U16) payable in full or in regular instalments (via direct debit). This one-off payment will cover all membership and match fees for the entire 2021 playing season.

Payments in full must be completed by 22 May 2021. For regular instalments, the committee recommends four equal payments of £25 (£18.75 student / unemployed / U16) payable on the 22nd of May, June, July and August.


Casual players can still play, however the cost per match will be £10* payable on the day. Casual players can only use the pay-as-you-play method three times, after which they will be expected to join the club as full members before playing another game. The cost of membership in this instance will be £20* for the season.

*£7.50 per match and £15 membership for student / unemployed / U16.

Casual players may elect to switch to the one-off cost at any time during the season, but must pay the remainder of the full members cost of £100 (£75 unemployed / concession) within 7 days of notifying the club.


Non-players who wish to remain members of the club may elect to pay a membership fee of £20 at any time.

Winter nets, friendly matches and cup competitions are paid for on the day and are usually around £5 to £7 (bring cash!).

Match day drivers may ask passengers for help with petrol costs for driving to away matches. The committee suggests £2 per passenger.

Match Day Food

For all home league games, we provide refreshments for Badgers and the opposition. This tea-duty will be shared by members and players (as far as possible) over the course of the season. Our preferred method for sharing this responsibility is by bringing "tea for two", where each player brings sandwiches and snacks for themselves and one other. If you are going to have difficulty providing teas, for any reason, please discuss with the team captain as early as possible. And remember... Quality teas, please.

Badger Behaviour

Kirk Brae has always seen itself as a sociable, fair and friendly club. The team captains will try to ensure the following points are followed by all players and members.

1. Enjoy your cricket!

2. Respect your own team mates and the opposition.
We don't argue with opposition players, team-mates, umpires and the committee: it reflects badly on the club, it disrupts the game, embarrasses team-mates and it gives the team captains and the committee members an extra problem to deal with.

3. Answer match availability requests as soon as you can.
If life is more complicated than "yes" or "no", you could send a short email to the club and explain. We try to get weekly team selections amulet to everybody by Thursday afternoon during the season. Sometimes this is not possible when we are short of numbers and chasing players - please be patient!

4. Be on time for training / matches.
The team sheets always give a meeting time - normally 12:00 or 12:15 for a home league game. If you are going to be late just let your team Captain / training organiser know. Injured? Let the team Captain know, before the game.

5. Help out.
Stumps, boundary flags, netting etc. does not just magically appear at the start of every match. Help the team captains and vice-captains out by turning up on time and assisting with all the usual administrative duties. All that stuff needs packing away at the end of the match too!

6. Talk to your team Captain.
If you are not happy with something on the pitch, or if you have a suggestion about tactics, speak to the team Captain between overs. Also, please be aware of the team selection policy, which can be accessed through the member's menu on this website.

7. Look after the club kit.
Please treat it with respect and return it to the kit bag. At the end of the session / game, it would be appreciated if you could assist in packing up.

8. No booze.
No alcohol is to be consumed during the match. You'll have plenty of time for a pint after the game. And anyone turning up to the match in a state of intoxication will not be allowed to play, and their behaviour will be reported to the Committee.

9. Umpiring, scoring and "walking".
All players are expected to umpire and / or score at some point during the match. If you need some training on either / both of these elements, speak to your team Captain. "Walking", or the act of leaving the pitch when you know you have been dismissed, without having to being signalled out by the umpire, is actively encouraged by Kirk Brae. Umpiring is hard enough as it is - nothing sours a game more when a player knows they are out, but refuses to walk. When it is your own team, not walking puts unnecessary pressure on your team-mates who are umpiring.

10. Enjoy your cricket!

Disciplinary Issues

It is taken for granted that Kirk Brae players and members will not argue with umpires, opponents and their own team-mates and that they will fully support their captains and the decisions made by the committee. The committee will not tolerate poor behaviour and will fully support captains in addressing it. Where appropriate -

i. Captains will give a player a verbal warning.

ii. If it is considered necessary, the team Captain will discuss a player's behaviour with the Club Chairman, who will then speak directly with the relevant player(s) directly.

iii. A simple majority vote from the committee will be required in order to agree a temporary or permanent playing ban, if deemed appropriate.

iv. Usually players would be given a verbal warning by the team captain before any other disciplinary action is taken. However, if a single incident is considered serious enough it may cause all of the above steps to be taken.